Maccannell's Theory Of Modern Tourism

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MacCannell and John Urry are two great writers of what modern tourism should look like or what they consist of. In both of their text, they both talk about tourism in association with being modern or in Urry’s word the “modern experience”. They have both done a great job in laying a lot of emphasis on the explanation of how tourism is considered to be modern. In the understanding of MacCannell theory of tourism as modern, I examined what MacCannell understood as modernity. His definition of modernity is a “totalizing idea, a modern mentality that sets modern society in opposition both to its own past and to those societies of the present that are premodern or underdeveloped” what he means by this is that tourism is a people want to conform…show more content…
I feel like MacCannell associates modernity with tourism because modernization in a way is a sort of customary observance or activity that is in search to acquire the authentic. MacCannell backed up this argument by saying that tourist are only ashamed when they do not see the whole thing or do not see what it ought to be seen, this is when they don’t get the full desire of the reason behind them traveling. He went on to say that “tourism is based on on a desire to go beyond the other “mere” tourists to a more profound appreciation of society and culture to some degree; it is a basic component of their motivation to travel”. MacCannell also argued that Modernity goes beyond older social boundaries, appearing first in urban industrial centers and spreading rapidly to underdeveloped areas. There is no other complex of reflexive behaviors and ideas that follow this development as tourism and sightseeing. This argument that MacCannell talked about is convincing because they add to why tourism is connected to modernity in the sense that tourism is an essential or necessary component of the contemporary…show more content…
What this basically means is that photography with tourism is one of the central aspects of modern tourist gaze. John Urry’s argument is convincing because he looks at the idea of tourism from a sociological point of view, exhibiting that tourism is an exceptional and focal component in contemporary society. Urry did a good job in his essential spotlight on the changing idea of tourism, Urry uncovers its association with the more extensive social adaptiveness of

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