Advantages And Disadvantages Of Macdonalisation

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Macdonalisation Macdonalisation is the process in which they follow the principles of fast food restaurants are coming to rule an ever increasing number of parts of American culture and in addition of whatever remains of the world , in other words we can say that it is getting almost the same kind of services or products by changing certain things according to place and culture . It was first adopted by McDonald’s , For example McDonalds is there all over the world and we get almost the same kind of menu all over the world and it can be different in places according to the taste , preferences and culture of the place . It mainly focuses on the four main elements calculability, contol , efficiency , predictability . Aravind Eye Hospital Aravind eye hospital was found by doctor venkataswamy in Tamil Nadu in 1976. The hospital has grown into a huge group of hospitals over years and are known for eradicating blindness…show more content…
The free services provided by the hospital to the poor people can be taken for granted by the people and may be misused as its free of cost and can be easily get it . Macdonalisation main aim is to provide the same kind of services all over their branches like MacDonald’s as they provide almost the same kind of services all over the world with a little differences , aravind eye hospital may or may not be able to provide that all the time as they are small comparing to MacDonald’s but will still be able to do almost the same according to the doctor and number of patients. Since they were able to boost their efficiency for two to seven times it’s a good thing for Aravind eye
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