Macduff Characteristics

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This essay will analyze the character; Macduff of “The Tragedy of Macbeth” by William Shakespeare. His traits, role in the story, and the conflicts he experienced. Like in many of Shakespeare’s plays, there is always a hero that overcomes evil supernatural forces. Macduff is this essential character in this play. In William Shakespeare 's play Macbeth, Macduff takes his loyalty to his country to the extreme, is brave and unforgiving and is the hero we all root for in the end. Lord Macduff is the Thane of Fife and throughout the play he shows himself to be possessed of great energy. Except when deeply moved, he is a man of very few words. He frequently acts impulsively; but he is thoroughly honest, has great depth of feeling, and is a true patriot.

One key characteristic held by Macduff is the importance of loyalty to his country and the King. Throughout the play
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This is shown most clearly when, although he is truly despaired about Duncan 's death he was the only one who questions Macbeth 's actions on murdering the guards “Wherefore did you so?”(2, 3, Line 895) Here after Macbeth mentions to have murdered the guards responsible for Duncan, Macduff is the only one to question him for his actions. This is the first act of suspicion he has that it has been Macbeth’s deeds. This could also be an indicator of his determination to kill Macbeth later in the play, to get justice for his king. Not only is he skeptical of Macbeth’s motives in the beginning but also he is extremely honest and brave to speak up about his thoughts, which makes him a very likeable character and almost acts as the voice of the audience when he questions and kills Macbeth. Macduff is the most likeable character in this play because he has all the traits of a charismatic character such as, loyalty and honesty, which are also the opposite characteristics of
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