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My pregnant grandmother Petronila Machado gave birth to her baby son Cesar Obdulio Chavez Machado, who was named after his stepfather on December 10, 1953 in a small rural area known as San Pedro Arenales, Municipal of Chinameca, Departament of San Miguel in El Salvador. My father wasn’t born in a hospital. He was born in my grandmother’s home. Her home still exists today, and is the only adobe mud brick house in San Pedro Arenales. My father was always called Cesarito. The man whom he’d gotten his name from later died when he was a little boy, and so he grew up without a father figure. My father believes due to not having a father in his life is the reason why he is not the macho type of man today.
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When he was child, there was honesty, harmony, obedience, younger people would respect the elderly, but now everything is the complete opposite. Doors didn’t even exist in many homes in his country when he was young, because nobody was scared of thieves coming in. They didn’t exist; the rural area in which he lived in was once a peaceful place to live in. There were wonderful traditions like exchanging food. If your neighbor had corn and if you had beans they would give-and-take. My father could walk in the middle of the night with no lights since there was no electricity and be able to walk the dirt roads with an oil lamp in his hand and nothing would happen. He was also able to walk the nights with the brightness of the moon. Now, Mara Salvatrucha 13 members don’t let poor families in El Salvador walk the streets without them being fearful of getting murdered or robbed. These gangs have made El Salvador look corrupt because they are lazy, disrespectful, and don’t want to work properly for their money.
My father didn’t have familial issues, but the violence in the country made him flee El Salvador and leave his family members behind. He says even though they were poor he was satisfied with only having the necessary things in life. My father was the only one in his family who came to Los Angeles. All my aunts, uncles, cousins, half-sisters, nephews, and nieces live in El Salvador, and their personalities are humble, …show more content…

It lasted for 12 never ending years, so he decided in the 80’s to escape all the violence going on in El Salvador. My father decided to go on a journey to Los Angeles which only took him about 15 days. My father believes it was easier to come to Los Angeles back then. If an officer would stop you, the smugglers always told us to just give them an amount of money which was cheap back then, only about 20 dollars and they would let you go. It all started when a car drove him from his rural area, San Pedro Arenales to the capital of El Salvador, San Salvador. From San Salvador he caught a bus called La Cristobal Colon which took him to the capital of Guatemala. Then from the capital of Guatemala a truck took him to the border Tecun Uman of Guatemala. In between Guatemala and Mexico he had to pass a river with a smuggler. After passing the river, he arrived to Tierra Mexicana. When he arrived to Tierra Mexicana, a car drove him to Tapachula and from there he got on a bus called Tres Estrellas de Oro that took him to the Distrito Federal. From the Distrito Federal he took Los Autobuses Norte de Sonora which dropped him off in Mexicali. From Mexicali the smugglers passed him inside the car trunk to the Mexican border to his final destination Los

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