Machado: The Importance Of Good Listening In School

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Machado states that, “good listening habits are especially important in school situations (2013, p227). If a teacher expects the students to listen to him or her, and give them their undivided attention, then as teachers we should give them the same respect and listen to them. It means a lot to a child if we bend down to their level and really listen to them. This makes the student feel special and that the teacher is truly listening to them and interested in what they have to say. I feel it is very important to lend an ear to every student and make them feel significant and really cared for.
I would encourage a student who was quiet or seldom talked to be my helper and try to get them to talk and participate. I would keep him or her
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I would channel his or her energy to something positive. I would investigate why they are so talkative, are they bored, is it who they are sitting next to or do they just like to talk. Sometimes talkative children need some attention. You never make assumptions about any student’s family or you never compare them to another sibling. Teacher’s should never blame anything on race, religion or culture, no child should be judged on where they come from. Children deserve love and understanding and teachers should honor that no matter what.
Teaching students takes lots of patience. All children deserve your attention whenever you are needed. So yes a child that has difficulty expressing themselves should be encouraged and patiently listened to. I would make sure this type of student is heard by making his or her classmates wait patiently. Not all students find it easy to speak most of them are shy they just need some nudging and lots of patience.
Children who forget what they are going to say or forget the answer when called on just need some reassurance. I would give them time to answer if they still can’t remember I would move on making sure no one picked on the student whom forgot. I would also praise him or her for trying to answer or talk and tell them they will get it next
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