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Machiasport, Maine's Demographics, History, and Economic Struggles Machiasport, Maine is located on a bay in the northern part of Maine. Even though Machiasport is very small, it is known for its popular careers such as lobster fishing and clam digging. The jobs in Machiasport aren't the only thing that makes Machiasport different. Surprisingly, the popular sport in Machiasport is basketball. Machiasport has a unique history that includes many historical sites and events. Even though Machiasport, Maine or even the state of Maine seems like a nice place, it has some economic issues too. Obviously, there is a lot to say when it comes down to Machiasport, Maine's demographics, history, and economy. Machiasport, Maine has demographics that include…show more content…
This history includes a lot of events and historical sites. The town of Machiasport has a website and on its "Brief History" section it said Machiasport was settled in 1763 and incorporated in 1826 ("History"). Before Machiasport was founded or incorporated, it was part of Machias ("Machiasport"). The self explanatory Liberty Hall website explains how the building is where town events have been held for years and it also has some historical ties with the First Naval Battle of The American Revolution. Machiasport went through some wars, but the most popular one was the American Revolution because The First Naval Battle of The American Revolution occurred in Machias Bay in 1775. In this battle, a man named Ichabod Jones wanted to bring some lumber from Machias to his hometown of Boston and bring a lot of food back to Machias. In 1774, the Boston Port Act was in place and it required that a man, Admiral Samuel Graves, authorize or check all of the ships leaving the city. Jones kept going to Boston even though he was approved yet so he could deliver the lumber to a man who would then use it to build barracks. To make sure Jones wasn't lying, Graves ordered Jones' ship to travel back with two other ships accompanying him. People in Machias started to believe Jones was a loyalist because of the armed ships that sailed beside the Margaretta, the ship Jones was on. There was a meeting at Burnham Tavern to discuss if Jones was a man of his word when he committed to bringing lumber to Boston. The conclusion of the meeting was that Jones was telling the truth. When Jones was getting lumber later, he wanted the people of Machias to support him because he brought them needed food. People got mad and some rebels, Benjamin Foster and Jeremiah O'Brien, made a plan to capture Jones' crew. The rebels tried to capture the crew while they were in church, but Jones and his men escaped before it was too late. Jones and his nephew tried to
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