Machiavelli And Thomas Hobbes Essay

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This paper will closely examine the perceptions of the two exceedingly crucial political philosophers in history, Niccolò Machiavelli, and Thomas Hobbes in their epochs on the different aspects in history or the themes of political theory, authority, and liberty, along with an explanation of their conception of order, disorder and chaos. Throughout history, there have always been many well-known politicians, philosophers, historians, etc. From their performances in life, we can perceive and comprehend their perspectives and concepts of their work and practices. Today, this helps us to comprehend how life was before and what the themes meant at that time. Going back to consider the political theory, authority, and liberty in history, we can take a look at Machiavelli and Hobbes’ perspectives and different features of documents as primary sources, so that we can comprehend how these two great philosophers viewed the themes differently.
My first theme that I would extend on Machiavelli and Hobbes’ notions would be on political theory.
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Which provides a perspective on how politics is unethical and unprincipled, however, it still can be rightfully used for attaining political authority. In addition, Machiavelli also connects Machiavellianism to the principles that he has stated in his famous writing, The Prince, which is one of his famous writings that he is well-known for. In it, Machiavelli intends at building a big border between virtuous and politics by placing a value on how a prince should behave, act, and control his nation. And how a ruler can gain power and use it towards his enemies, regardless of how one should think of him as a bad or good person and along with having a nation that expresses their love and fear for the prince in a balanced
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