Machiavelli Aspect To A Prince Being Feared Or Loved?

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What does Machiavelli say in regards to a prince being either feared or loved? Which, in Machiavelli’s opinion, is more important? Is it possible for a ruler to be both? Explain. Machiavelli say in regards to a prince being either feared or loved, in chapter 17, Machiavelli states “ is much safer to be feared than loved,” . In Machiavelli’s opinion, be feared is more important since it is safer. Even though, it is best to answer that a prince should be both, feared and loved, however it is still very difficult or near impossible to unite them in one person, especially a ruler. Either one must be dispensed with due to be asserted in general of men. In regards to the concept of a ruler being feared and loved, explain Machiavelli’s discussion of the Carthaginian General Hannibal or the Roman General Scipio Africanus. In Chapter 17, Machiavelli discusses about the wonderful deeds of Hannibal, “this one is enumerated”, Machiavelli states. In his discussion about the Carthaginian General Hannibal, he discusses about Hannibal’s inhuman cruelty that had made him revered and terribles in the eyes of his soldiers. Hannibal was a feared prince to his soldiers. Furthermore, the Roman General Scipio Africanus was an excellent man, and loved by the men of his own times. However, Scipio’s army had rebelled in Spain and himself was unbraid in the Senate by Fabius Maximus. What is the significance of the Myth of Chiron in Chapter 18? What are the qualities symbolized by the fox and
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