Analysis: What Would Machiavelli Say In 140 Characters Or Less?

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Hi 18 – S Essay 1 What Would Machiavelli Say in 140 Characters or Less? If a twenty-year old were to go back in time and get trapped in a secret chamber in the woods with nothing but Machiavelli’s The Prince? What would she do? Would she tweet about how bored she is and say “Ugh. Woke up in a strange place. Someone come over and pick me up please?” Nope. There’s no internet connection. Would she call her friends and ask them for a girls’ night out? In the woods? Probably not. Or would she read a book from 500 years ago (without knowing that written on the last page is the “passage” that would set her free)? On the other hand, if we were to take Machiavelli from the dead and let him live for the second time, in this generation when social media is a big hit, what would he tweet? Would he share random thoughts like “I wonder which came first, the chicken or the egg?” or some occasional quotations, rant about life and post his ideas regarding politics, luxuries, and, just like we all do? Here are some of @niccolomachiavs best tweets! 1. Looking for a motivation to get back up after getting an F on that Math exam?…show more content…
It’s not the end of the world! Be inspired with Machiavelli’s determination! He did not let other people put him down and so will you! Getting kicked out as a political advisor of the Republic of Florence, he threatens the government as he plans his comeback and that is with his very controversial literary piece, The Prince – the root of why his name was attached until today to the notion of political artifice and ruthless scheme. Come to think of it, if it wasn’t for that fall, he may have not ever written The Prince. Who knows, you might get an A on the next exam? Or even make a long lasting impact? (Which is totes so much better by the way!) The words “give up” and “failure” are not in your vocabulary so go punch that test in the
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