Machiavelli: Characters And Characteristics Of The Ideal Prince

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According to Machiavelli, ideal prince is a risk-taker who puts a military on action, as the people respect the warrior. An ideal prince thinks for himself rather than relying on others, knows how to read characters, and does not surround himself with flatterers. He lives in reality, not fantasy. He works hard, utilizes his own mind, and makes survival of his guide. The ideal leader is neither loved nor hated, but respected. He cannot be too generous, because that increases people 's expectations of him and it is impossible to keep buying the people 's love as the price gets too high. Yet, the prince should not be hated due to his violent nature, because that rises up. The prince should act in ways that keep him in power and maintain his own power. He should be able to read the character and motives of others in order to use them for his own ends. A good prince is able to secure wise counsel who can advise him on things that he does not know. Councilors must be entirely faithful to the prince and should be replaced when they seek to overstep their authority. The prince should also be his own military expert, it is only the way arms and preserving the kingdom that the people 's trust and respect can be earned. Machiavelli begins by examining the different types of principalities that can be governed by a prince. He says that the only way to truly conquer another prince 's territory is to extinguish that prince 's hereditary line. Machiavelli argues that princes who don 't

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