Qualities Of A True Leader In Machiavelli's The Prince

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What values of a person makes that person a real good leader? A person who can encourage and tries to stay in a good mood with everyone? Or a leader who pursuit only what is right? As Machiavelli writes “ A leader should be feared rather than loved "if you cannot be both" in order to avoid a revolt”, explaining the qualities of a successful leader; implies a real leader is not always admired to the citizens, which in this case is repatriating aliens. Opinions based on this argument is likely to be divided into two. Referring to the hundreds of different leaders in fact, has caused many of those people who disagreed to agree to such notion. As a person who is in charge of controlling such nation, it may be highly critical to be able to manage…show more content…
In The Prince it states “Should be feared rather than loved "if you cannot be both" in order to avoid a revolt;” (The Prince) explains that not all leaders are admired and followed by the citizens. What determines the differences of a good leader to a bad leader is just a minor change. It is just if a leader could look broadly into the world. Same with illegal immigration problem, the leader of the country should take care of the people who is benefitting from the country without any contributions, and the husband of one’s daughter. A good leader doesn’t give any excuses to which ever points made on the nation, a real leader should have a resolute opinion about how will the nation is going to be ruled. In fact, lot of leaders in the world rule by The Prince as their main motto of ruling style. Lots of the country value the gradual improvement then, a sudden felicity and wealth. As Machiavelli implied, promoting what is right over what is preferred, will somewhat give a sudden shock to a nation; However, eventually everyone will find love inside of the real caring mind of a monarch. Thus, being a real truthful leader, in which a strict leader is required than a generous and merciful leader to help the gradual development of the
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