Machiavelli Prince Leadership

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Leadership Introduction Handsome, tenderness, strong, and active those are the ideas that come to mind whenever we hear the word "prince". People think about a prince as a person who is perfect such that he is a real hero that protects his nation from enemies and helps citizens, so it is better to be said that we see an angel in the shape of human being. This is the definition of a prince in the function of stories and fairy tales. Can a prince be that wonderful in real life? The purpose of having a leader is to set performance for nation's benefits, cooperation with people for general advantages, and organize the community. Therefore, my argument is that leaders, like princes, are responsible to lead the community to order or disorder.…show more content…
For these reasons, he should turn to his own arms. By all means, Machiavelli stated that it is not fortune and wickedness which leads to a good prince; it is intelligence and skills which are important. To be specific, he can try to strengthen its own military to defeat his nation during war rather than concerning himself relies on others. Moreover, a prince should be himself and do not change. To illustrate, he should live with his people so that any unexpected circumstances will not make him change whether the situation is good or bad. An example of what show the connection between intelligence, skills, and change in the prince is King Agathocles. King Agathocles did not become a prince by fortune, but he got this position because he was intelligence and he had skill. Nonetheless, when he got the position, he started to use violence (Machiavelli, 1515, p. 37& 74). According to Machiavelli, “One morning he assembled the people and senate of Syracuse, as if he had to discuss with them things relating to the Republic, and at a given signal the soldiers killed all the senators and the richest of the people; these dead, he seized and held the princedom of that city without any civil commotion” (Machiavelli, 1515, p. 38). In other words, this shows that intelligence and skill are important to be a leader; however, it is not necessary to be cruel just because fortune was not the reason why the person became a prince. My idea is that if a prince is intelligence he will not rush during difficult times, and he will decide what to do for his state and citizens carefully. In addition, the skills that he has will help him with the army during wars. Therefore, he will be able to end up the disorder that surrounded his
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