Machiavelli: The Characteristics Of Being A Good Prince

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I. Machiavelli
In his famous work the Prince Niccolo Machiavelli exposes what it takes to be a good prince and how only this good price and keep control over his state. There are many different qualities that make a man a good ruler but there are some that are more essential than others. In this work Machiavelli stresses the importance of being a warrior prince, a wise prince, and knowing how to navigate the duality of virtù and vices. Without these attributes there was no way that a prince could hold together their state and their people. This is a work that still influences us today and is still relevant in today’s complex society. Some of the most prominent leaders of the 20th century have been influenced by Machiavellian ideas. U.S Presidents like Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton and U.K Prime Minister Anthony Blair are called Machiavellian leaders today.
According to Machiavelli a prince must focus all his serious time and energy to war and how to wage it (Machiavelli, 31). Focusing on war even in times of peace is essential and id the only thing that can keep the state safe. If the prince does not focus and what is important or virtù (war) than the state will be completely dependent on fortuna.( Machiavelli, 31) He uses the example of leaders like
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They must recognize that not all virtù is good and that not all vices are bad because the complexity of the human condition (Machiavelli, 33). Machiavelli states that most people see princes as having either good or bad traits. They see them as black or white, free spending or misery, generous or grasping, merciful or cruel. These dualities however are not necessarily good or bad and they can both be present at times. He says that it is dangerous to be a free spending prince even though it seems like a virtù. Instead a vice like miserliness will enable a prince to properly govern (Machiavelli,
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