Machiavelli's View On Human Nature

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My view on human nature is that it is affected by a person’s attitude and their environment. The attitude comes from the “Seven Deadly Sins.” All of us adapt to an environment that will require one of the traits from the seven sins. That is why I believe in
“choose your friends wisely” because friends around us can cause an impact towards the person’s attitude by a lot. The biggest sin that exist in every human being is Envy. There are some people though that shows it more than others. Greed, pride, lust, envy, and other sins are how they exist within every single person. It is in our nature. Human beings are known to be flawed, but on the other hand, we do have the ability to do so much just by our knowledge and realize when we
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Everyone has the “Seven deadly sins” on them because it is part of our human nature. We hate on others, we are jealous of others, we waste things when we are not supposed to, like food. That is why my views on human nature do not impact me because it is normal to me. Machiavelli and I do share some differences and similarities on human nature.
Machiavelli’s view of human nature influences his recommendation for governing, different from other humanist at his time. He attributes defining how a great a ruler should rule. He asserts numbers of traits that inherent in nature. Affection from people can be lost and won. He believes we can be trustworthy but we quickly turn selfish. He mentions qualities that seem to be the right thing to do but shows weakness instead, and it he rules with cruelness then it will make him strong. “We find some qualities that look like virtues, yet-if the prince practices them-they will
Be his destruction, and other qualities that look like vices, yet- if he practices them-they will bring him safety and well-being.” Machiavelli’s conception of human nature reflected number of traits that inherent in
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