Machinery In Brave New World

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Kuno tells of the strength, both mentally and physically, he had to acquire to escape his cell for a short while. The effort he had to put into it displays his complete dependence of the machine. Overtime, a form of religion is established. The machine is the supreme being. Humans become unaware that they once were the creator and controller of the machine. Those who do not honor the machine are threatened with homelessness. Kuno warns his mother of the oncoming demise of the machine. Vashti ignores his warning until she begins to notice problems with the machine. The machine continues to deteriorate along with the society it controls. This population of underground dwellers no longer know how to live without the use of the machine. The complete dependence ends with the death of society in correlation with the collapse of the machine. Humans in this story were so caught up and addicted to the luxury and ease that the machines brought to their life, they forgot how to be human, how to maintain…show more content…
Machinery is used to control every aspect of the society found within this novel. From conception, individuals are controlled by machinery. The state controls all the technology and one way in which this is done is by controlling reproduction. Rather than being conceived in the natural way, the state oversees reproduction by using machines to create new human life. The production of human life creates thousands of almost identical embryos through what they call the “Bokanovsky and Podsnap Processes.” This is all done through machinery. Embryos are placed in bottles and designated to belong to different classes within the society. The embryos can be conditioned to belong to either Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta or Epsilon society. Alphas are designated as the top, most intellectual individuals of society while Epsilon are of the lowest
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