Machintosh's Argument For The Legalization Of Abortion

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This topic has been debated for decades, and it is still strongly discussed. Many woman have tried to abort their unborn baby because they think is not the right time to have them. Sometimes, they are just too young to have babies and physically not ready. Abortion has always been one most discussed and argued topic, people tend to assume one of two point of view, they believe that women should not have the right to abort human life because it would have considered as a murder, but they often forget that by making abortion illegal it will cause numerous unsafe abortion, while there are some who believes abortion is a private matter and every single woman have full rights to choose what she does with her body. Abortion has become a social problem…show more content…
She also mentions on what kind exceptional cases abortion is legalized. Abortion has always been one of the sensitive issue around the world. In many countries abortion is accepted certain situations such as fetal impairment or in cases of rape. The united states id one of the 60 countries that provides legal access to safe abortion, but there are many who protests. Eliza Machintosh gives a supporting detail about why it is called a “safe abortion” and how it works on each state. It is a safe abortion if a woman is 20 to 24 weeks pregnant. She also mentioned recent statement of the US President Donald Trump that he is a pro-life president which mean abortion is completely illegal which made Marie Stopes International, an NGO that provides abortion services called Trumps statement a fetal explaining how his order is going to cause millions of unintended pregnancies, abortions/ unsafe abortions, and maternal…show more content…
David question directly give us a good reason to think why abortion should be legal. There are lots of rape cases that leads to abortion on which Mourdock doesn’t supports it, according to his answer to the topic, rape, and abortion. The question supports women rights on their decisions, if they want the baby or not. Rape is the worst thing a woman can ever experience. Carrying the rapist child is a heavy burden while going through the mental breakdown, and trauma of assault. Who will take the responsibilities? David Frum mentions it is not about the banning abortions but it is about how to support women to have babies they
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