Machismo In Beowulf

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In the story “Beowulf,” Beowulf is a character that expresses an incredible amount of might and machismo in his own characteristics. Machismo is how masculine someone is or how tough they are. Beowulf has influenced many people and has been shared as a common story to express what actual machismo is. He expresses it to no limit. Although some people believe otherwards, Beowulf is a strong example and influence for showing what true machismo actually is. Some people believe that Beowulf isn’t a prime example of what machismo is because he is too much of an exaggerated version of what an actual man should be. They are incorrect because he is shown being a man that protects his people and shows power while doing so as well. These people say that…show more content…
People always look at him for this example for a long time and they have reasons for this as well. Beowulf and his brethren are all closely related with battles and being part of war. (Drout) For this reason, Beowulf is looked up to as someone who has experience with battles and war as well. They see him as a warrior that is made from his own bloodline. Beowulf’s father was also someone that people looked up to his son would be someone with a great deal of respect. (Drout) Due to people respecting his father greatly, people ended up respecting Beowulf in every way possible as well. His father was an influential man in battle and in general therefore people looked up to him. Beowulf survived 6 winters with his father just to prove that he is strong in any way possible. (Drout) Due to this people believed that Beowulf is as tough as he can be and he is able to adapt to any situation that is possible. This shows that Beowulf also followed in his father's footsteps on how to be as strong as possible and being able to achieve that might with any means necessary. Due to these examples, people look up to Beowulf as a man that has more Machismo and more might than any other person possible. This shows that he is adaptable to any situation as well as someone that is an influential figure to some that want to be as strong and honorable as he
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