Macho Man Advertisement Analysis

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In the year 1996, Conagra Brands Inc released an advertisement in the United States for their beef jerky brand Slim Jims, with famous World Wrestling Entertainment celebrity Randy Savage, more commonly named Macho Man to endorse their product. The advertisement is over the top, silly and made to garner a few laughs from its target audience of mostly kids and teens to get them to buy Slim Jims to brighten up their day with excitement. The Macho Man Randy Savage Slim Jim commercial supported its sales pitch by using cause and effect to describe eating Slim Jims, a bandwagon effect by using the celebrity Randy Savage, and the overall chaotic and enthusiastic tone in the ad to support its products message, resulting in an effective ad. Because of this the Slim Jim Macho Man advertisements became a staple of the food brand and helped Macho Man Randy Savage rise in popularity as he returned to star in other Slim Jim Commercials and most would follow in this advertisements footsteps. The advertisement begins with two teens having a boring time in a light bulb store while being taunted by an employee. Suddenly professional wrestler, Macho Man Randy Savage enters from the roof saying “Wanna light up your life? Snap into a Slim Jim!”, and from there he hands the two teens Slim Jims as the chaos begins around them. Light bulbs exploding around them causing mayhem every time they bite into the Slim Jim, the employee who taunted the teens earlier begins swinging and screaming while
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