Machuca Film Analysis

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Though they are friends, the lives of Pedro Machuca and Gonzalo Infante differ drastically in many aspects including family life, the luxuries they can afford, and the political affiliations chosen by their families. All of which relate to the common everyday life of Chilean citizens during the Allende Presidency, and the Pinochet Dictatorship implemented after the coup d'etat. During this time, the civil unrest never ceased, and life for chileans was generally either good or bad based on social status, income, and party affiliation. Both Machuca and Infante are classic examples of the division inequality of life amongst Chileans, with Machuca being a poor boy who lived in a shanty town, having very little education, and owning very few possessions. Where as Infante is wealthy, has a high end private education, and can afford to buy various luxury items such as brand name shoes and food for his family.
In the film Machuca the director highlights the drastic differences in family life between Machuca and Intante in numerous scenes throughout the movie. In many scenes, Intantes mother can be seen living the high life, sleeping in
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Machuca family stands strong with President Allende and his socialist beliefs, holding true that he will bring a change for the poor Chileans whom he represents. At a pro- Allende march Machuca and Silvana are both shouting pro-Allende chants and calling the upper class mummies. Infante’s mother however goes to anti-Allende demonstration, and though she is hesitant to participate at first she partakes in the actions and calls for Allende to resign from presidency, along with the rest of the crowd. Infante’s sisters boyfriend can even be seen wearing the symbol of the Patria y Libertad an authoritarian Anti-Allende group that would cause intentional terror throughout the streets, in order to instill fear in the lower
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