Mackenzie King Essay

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Mackenzie Kings’ animosity towards the leader of the conservative party, Arthur Meighen, would undoubtedly cause the King Byng affair. Mackenzie king deeply disliked Arthur Meighen. This is evidently shown in the early 1920’s by a journalist known a Bruce Hutchinson, who documents the reaction Mackenzie King expressed whenever Arthur Meighen stood up to speak in the House of Commons. Anytime he stood to speak, King became visibly uncomfortable. “His pencil stub began to tap on his desk,” Bruce Hutchinson described King’s reaction in The Incredible Canadian (Longmans, Green and Company, 1953). “A line of scarlet rose slowly up the back of his neck until it had flooded his bald scalp. As Meighen, erect, gesture less, and glacial, poured on…show more content…
Knowing that Meighen would become Prime Minister if he did not intervene, he believed that Arthur Meighen would not be able to govern. But only he himself would be up to the task. Julian even warned king of trying to gain the seats the progressives had, saying, “ See the position, you will be at the mercy of the progressives, you will have to go to them, or be at their bidding, the country will say you are caring only for the office, and the fruits of office, they will tear at you.” Even after hearing this remark King still believed that Arthur was incapable of carrying on his Majesty’s government. To see Arthur unable to take office and usurp his government King was willing to go to almost any length to remain as or become Prime Minister. This of course included siding with the progressives who if Mackenzie wanted to capture the office would have to listen to their demands however bad it was for Canada, a willing participant or not. His unwillingness to see Arthur top him in anything political forcibly led Mackenzie King to gain the favor of the progressives, and in turn gave him yet another reason as to why he should hold on to the power of being Prime Minister and causing the King Byng affair. King absolutely loathed his nemesis Arthur Meighen. Kings hatred for Meighen prevented him
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