Mackenzie Poshworths Controversy

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With end of year on the horizon, many students are making the most of their final days of schooling by browsing Facebook with a newfound sense of liberty. However, for a student enrolled in one of Brisbane’s elite private schools the failure to submit an English assignment has caused a spark of interest as to why. The assessment piece in question was presented to the students generate a written work with the gruelling submission date of the 30th of October. This short time span was seen as “totally unfair” with students claiming “it’s like they want us to fail or something”. These claims were especially relevant to Mackenzie Poshworths, whose inability to submit the assignment has caused a storm of accusations and controversy. The matter has become so unstable Mackenzie’s mother has launched a class action lawsuit against the school. The incident in question unfolded on the night before the due date where the student, Mackenzie Poshworths, began the assignment after his nightly routine 2 hour League of Legends game. To the students demise the assignment was of an incredible word length 800 – 1000, which he could in no way complete without the assistance of his private tutor he states…show more content…
The application was given careful consideration and awarded immediately. Mackenzie later revealed how he acquired the extension, “…yeah, it was pretty easy. I just told them I had it on a USB and it went missing. They don’t really care, they just need something to write on paper”. The school claimed it was in the best interest of the school and the student that the extension was awarded “it’d be unfair otherwise” Principle Poosh-Hoover later justified “Our school focuses on making the best suitable environment for our students so they can gain their highest possible grade, QCS score and most importantly OP. That’s what makes us the best school in the
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