Mackinac Native Tribes

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Authentic Native Americans who inhabited around what is now called Mackinac County, Michigan and northeast of the Great Lakes from around 1200 CE, was originally referred to as Michilimackinac; derived from the Native language called Algonquian, which means "large turtle" to describe the shape of Mackinac Island (1, 280). Given that the Native Tribes left merely a diminutive amount of recorded information, there is an insufficient aggregated evidence that can be comprehended with inevitability concerning their culture and in research that was collected, there seems to be more archeological evidence regarding forceful European cultural influences than actual Native culture, and is the reason why we have even gained written documentation regarding…show more content…
There are twenty archaeological records of Seventeenth Century Native American complex burial village historical reference Sites, and half are in Mackinac County alone, that include information regarding the Huron, Ojibwa, and Ottawa Tribes as well as the European Influence (1, 280). The Tribes will be discussed further in detail, including the relation to the French, because it changed the Native’s culture, particularly economically moreover time, whereas the British basically entirely took over and obliterated the Natives through diplomatic collusion involving extermination if insubordinate, annihilated the Natives’ economy structure, and also resulted in a deadly widespread of foreign illnesses the Natives were not immune to (1, 280 and 291). The Europeans imposed upon Native religious privileges due to the quarrel of conception, and even worse lacking responsibility and concern at fault, they neglected to acknowledge and comprehend the diversity, intricacy, and productivity of native beliefs (1, 280 and

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