Oman Economic Analysis

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Marketing analysis This section describes the macro- and microeconomic analysis of the Gulf of Oman states. Macroeconomic analysis will be performed through the tools PESTLE – an analysis that would take into account all the internal and external factors impacting the current situation in the country. In order to perform the microeconomic analysis Porter's Five Forces of Competitive Position model will be used for disclosing research objectives. PESTLE analysis In my study of macro-and microeconomic analysis of the state of Oman,. From my point of view, the impact of various macroeconomic indicators in the different sectors, including the impact of social, political and demographic changes are very important aspects for the market analysis. The political factor Oman is an absolute monarchy based on the tenets of Islam. The Government of the Sultanate of Oman monarchy is led by the Al Bu Said family. Sultan is the Head of State, he also serves as prime-minister. In Oman, people are satisfied with their leader, because he has performed a lot to develop and support the country. According to the government, every Omani is working under the scorching sun, but the Omanis do not want workplaces with low income. Economic factor Oman's…show more content…
The analysis results were as follows. The retail sector is developing rapidly in Oman, the number of stores is increasing [17, 18, 19]. The retail sector is still attractive for business. More than 50 fashion brands are available in Muscat, including well-known brands in the world such as Zara, H&M, Nike, etc [20]. It is curious that there is no company that represents high-tech clothes in Oman (partlyAdidas and Nike), and Rohan has to compete with strong brands (Zara, H & M, Next, etc.) which can provide the same fashion clothes for relatively low price. Thus, the competition is significantly
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