Macro Sociological Theory

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Macrosociological theories are the study of an individual that provides an insight of their daily life. A sociologist can use this macro sociological to get a clear understanding people culture and societies in which their decision and lifestyle is affected. Emile Durkheim a French sociologist suggests that a person society is not the reflection of his characteristics. Durkheim stated that social law and institution will cause people to submit to the social fact because of the limit choose that is available them. However, an individual can find their direction of the social law, in which they can adapt to with less pain(Bohm & Vogel, 2011). Clifford R. Shaw and Henry D. McKay a Chicago theorist, conducted a study of juvenile delinquency. In their study they…show more content…
However, the macro sociological theory has similarities to micro sociology because they both believe that becoming a criminal is learning the process by observing others behavior. Now, the Microsociology theories, focus on the small scale of the human behavior. Gabriel Tarde believes a person becomes a criminal by interacting and observing. When comparing macro sociological and micro-sociological theories, they are different in according to groups. In the macro sociological theory the crime rate is different among a group, but on the other hand, the micro sociological is criminal behavior is different in criminal behavior. In the study of delinquency, in which will justify their behavior by denying their behavior, by denying their responsibility, an injury that occurred and denial of the victim according to Sykes and Matza. In using the theories of Maruna, Copes, Sykes, and Matza's it gives some explanation of how crime is maintaining and continue(Bohm & Vogel, 2011). In finally, when observing both theory the concept to a criminal behavior is that it is learned and not invented, according to the learning theory(Bohm
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