Advantages And Disadvantages Of Liberalism

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Liberalism The macro theory that can best explain this issue is Liberalism, because since the end of World War II, states are no longer at war with each other; instead they work together, recognizing there are interdependency and the importance of economic and social issues. There are few basic assumptions of the liberal approach. One of its assumptions rest on the pluralist image in which the actors are not only states but also non-state, transnational actors, such as prominent individuals, NGOs, IGOs. According to (Mingst 1999), Liberal views the state as the one that maintains the fundamental rules of the game, which makes sure the various interests of both, governmental and societal actors, are contested equally. Liberalists believe…show more content…
Unfortunately, there is a dark side of globalization, which has generated undesirable outcomes, such as terrorism, illegal drug trade, and etc. The technological advance in communication and transportation has redefined the social and economic relations in an international level. Transnational criminal groups took advantage of these innovations to spread their network and influence to achieve their objectives. (Naím 2005) stated that, crime becomes a global phenomenon “transforming the international system, upending the rules, creating new players, and reconfiguring power in international politics and economics.” This elaboration of global issues is reflected through the emergence of issues such as drug trafficking. Globalization is a process of intensifying the pluralist challenge, as it highlights international and transnational actors. The use of the theory Globalization in the context of this issue is because drug trafficking is a transnational crime , which is achieved due to the erosion of…show more content…
Masucci highlight the Rational Choice theory as it explains that the reason individuals participate in criminal activities for economic gains. The mounting number of participants in drug trafficking activities despite of the risks is because profits is the driving force of criminal activities. The idea of generating large amounts of profits is tantalizing for individuals to take part in producing and distributing illicit drugs to consumers. As soon as they see the benefits as higher than costs, they would be motivated to run it, especially since the drug industry produces large profits and for people with low incomes or without jobs they are ‘compulsorily’ pulled to the

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