Macroeconomic Factors Affecting Apple Company

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MACRO ENVIORNMENT: Macro environmental factors are those irrepressible external factors that affect the company’s decision making process. These factors include demographic, socio-cultural, economic, political-legal and also the natural factors. Demographic factors – Demographic factors include age, sex, religion, location, thickness, occupation etc. Apple Company has 217 stores in United Stated and about 273 stores worldwide. Apple Company has a total of about 36,800 employees. 2,500 are temporary employees and 34,300 are full time employees. According to a research, 69% of iPod users are between the age group of 13-24. 31% iPhone users are between the age group of 35-50. IPhone users over the age of 25 are about 74%. Apple Company’s…show more content…
are all the economic factors. The ability of people or purchasing power of Apple products is targeted from medium to high class. Economic factors effect Apple Company’s business process as Apple is recognized internationally. The products components that the company gets from foreign suppliers play an important role because of the exchange rates and currency differences. For example, the sales of Apple products in US will decrease if there is a rise in the US. Because of this the purchasing power will also decrease. Hence the sales will be reduced. Hence, to reduce the rise effect, Apple has purchased itself foreign currency. In this way, the sale of products in world-wide market will increase. • Increased labor costs in China could take away the cost advantage of some Apple products. • Decaying middle-class incomes in some developed countries, including the United States, could shrink the potential market for higher-end consumer goods such as those marketed by Apple. • A strong U.S. dollar could increase exchange rates, making it more expensive for Apple to do business in key markets like Europe and…show more content…
After these companies go about developing products, which may be product modification or it may be a completely new product. Product offerings are increasing every year as consumers are looking for more and more variety of products. Companies which are unable to churn out new products fall back on competition and suffer the consequences. Companies face danger not just from competitors but consumer needs, technology, and product life cycle. New product development has its share of challenges. Organizational set up has to be favourable to support new product development. Foremost companies must allocate funds for research and development, the conventional way is the percent of sales technique. Others chose to allow employees dedicate a certain amount of work time on new product development. Companies next have to organize the process of development. This can be done by product managers with new product development experience or by cross functional team with members chosen from various departments having the knack of developing new products. Nowadays, companies are following stage process for product

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