Macroeconomics In George Orwell's The Wizard Of Oz

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"The Wizard of Oz" is a fictional story Oz about , a Kansas girl Dorothy Rolled up tornado to a place called Munchkins, kindly witch urged her to go to the Emerald City of Oz Grand Warlock help her home. On the way, she has met the Scarecrow, he needs a brain; Woodman, he needed a heart; Cowardly Lion, he takes guts. They go hand in hand, encourage each other and help each other overcome difficulties one after another, and finally came to the Emerald City. Because of their outstanding performance, large healers to help them achieve their aspirations, the Scarecrow got a brain; the Tin Woodman to get a heart; Cowardly Lion got the courage, finally, the Scarecrow became the leader of the Emerald City, metal who became the leader of Winkies lion…show more content…
Scarecrow: The original living in cornfield country to Jade East countries, take care of the crop from being a crow eating, tired of life, the pursuit of "head" and went to the country to find the emerald Oz king for help. Following the emerald Oz became king of the King, and later give Ozma throne. On behalf of the People's Party of farmers. They tried to coin casting more to reduce debt. Bimetallism will accelerate the return of inflation, so that the real value of their debt reduction.
Robots: The original living in the East country to country emerald forest huts, because a year without rain rusty iron robot dynamic Woodman, the Scarecrow and Dorothy, after a little oil recovery action. Originally an eastern Chinese people, there is a intercourse girlfriend, the jealous Witch of the East country, removed the body and mind into a robot. In order to pursue the "heart", went to the country to find the emerald Oz king for help. Later, following the West Country West Country which become king. On behalf of the industrialized northern industrial workers, the People's Party believe that these people suffered oppression, less wages, working time is too long, eventually lost their hearts as human beings, who became
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