Macroevolution Vs Creationism

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The thought of us evolution from apes to where we are now it's almost near impossible. Macroevolution is the change from one species to a totally different species. Which is what we are believed to have done going from Apes to Humans. Creationism is people believing that there is a higher being (God) making all the moves and creating everything there is today. The definition of creationism is “the belief that the universe and living organisms originate from specific acts of divine creation, as in the biblical account, rather than by natural processes such as evolution.” Which points that they are not atheist, and believe in a certain religion that have higher beings that are responsible for the making of all of us and everything that posses. The idea of evolution got started because scientist were trying to explain how we got to where we are natrually. In the realm of science there is no religion. So their goal is to try and prove that creation is wrong and put it in other ways that let everyone understand what happened in natural ways. Evolutionst and people who want to …show more content…

If they were all evolving them why are we still left with some different kinds of monkeys. Were they not suitable for change. Another point of why Creation is the only way to explain how life and humans got onto the earth is that evolutionist cant explain how the first humans and how anyform of life was able to first live on earth. They want to say that many of the main building blocks of life like proteins and such were able to connect and somehow be able to self reproduce and make these new series of life. Yet again they can't really prove the origin of life. The only logical reason after this failing is God being able to create Adam and Eve on the 6th day of them creating the world. Which would be the first ever humans and be the origin of

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