Macrophage Persuasive Speech

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Thank you for your email. Yes, I 'd would be delighted to collaborate with you and Ravi.

To start you off, I 'll train you the macrophages since I already trained Ravi some of the macrophages ' experiment. And, Ravi will keep you up to the point where you can do the experiment on your own then.

It 's also important to have the right expectation with working on the cell. Though it 's a 2-week long experiment, it will however take you some time for you to be able to produce decent data that can be trusted. For example, the thawing period alone could take up 4-10 days depending on not only the cell type but also your cell technique. As I always tell my students, 'practice makes perfect ' works for the cell lab. Generally, the cell protocols are long and tedious. I normally make sure you understand every single step what you are doing and why we do what we do so that you know what the step should be to the next.
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Normally, I meet Ravi as his available schedules. For Mondays, I normally meet with him around 3pm since he has classes all morning till then. However, if you want to come in earlier than 3pm, let me know.

If you 'd like, please come to see me on Monday September 14th. So, I can train you the

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