Macville Case Study

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Develop and implement strategic plans The Existing vision and mission From the interview with the CEO and the chairman of the board, MacVille has had a community centered mission and vision. The chair of the board expressed that in the next five years MacVille should be a national brand. The vision of MacVille is therefore to become a national brand in the hospitality industry. This statement shows that the firm realizes that it is not yet at the top of its industry and it is willing to work ethically to get to the top. The CEO held that the company wishes to identify more closely with the community it serves. Willingness by the company to mind the welfare of the society is shown by the statement. The statement shows social maturity and…show more content…
The company’s first vision statement ought to be that it intends to become the SI unit in all things hospitality, by provide well priced quality products. The advantage of this is that it goes a step further by explaining to all how it intends to get to the top. The company should also include its goal to be a good corporate citizen in its vision statement. The statement should read: MacVille, the corporate client that society can depend on. The advantage of the statement is that it shows in writing that MacVille is not just making grand yet empty statements of being a socially conscious company. Safety as an organizational requirement ought to be reflected in the company’s mission statement. The statement ought to read: MacVille is committed to its employee’s safety, customer safety and the general wellbeing of its environment. Organizational Values MacVille is a company committed to rising to the top of the hospitality industry while ensuring that the quality of its products is maintained. MacVille is also compelled that the safety and well being of its employees must be ensured. To rise to the top of the hospitality industry while maintaining employee safety and satisfaction, the company realizes that it must position itself in useful alliances. Therefore organizational values of the company must advocate for all the values, goals and mission statements of the company. To best capture the scope of all organizational values the values shall be divided into four types of organizational
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