Macy's Competitive Analysis

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One of our strongest competition and one of the most direct competition of our Company.
Macy’s has undoubtedly one of the scariest retailers out there, their strategies are reasonably similar to ours. Both are two of the oldest retailers operating today. Both with over more than 100 years in business. During the beginning days, they where both the staple retailing stores of the 20th-century shopping. Both, are struggling with e-commerce because of the sudden expansion of the market.
JC Penney had a various debt problems because of the past CEO Ron Johnson. After taking on billions of dollars in debt, the company is expecting to turn its first annual profit since 2011. Overall, the success of the Company is gradually getting better.
Macy’s, on the other hand, thrived during its post-recession years. By taking advantage of its competitors woes. Although, its retailers have been struggling. Investors have been clamoring for Macy’s to unlock
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Currently Wal-Mart is one of the biggest stores in all of America. It currently hold various stores nationwide and worldwide. Our reason in including Wal-Mart as one of our greatest competitors is because of their vast amount of merchandise. Although, JCPenney and WalMart contain some minor similarities, WalMart is targets more the masses. While, JCPenney tries to find their customers by their marketing strategies. Overall, WalMart is a ‘Super’ store in which people go for the lowest prices as possible, But in JC Penney our advantage is quality merchandise. Although, both companies for the most part could be considered similar, they are not. Some of the merchandise located in JCPenney can't be find at Walmart (Cloths, Furniture, etc.) which in turn gives us a competitive advantage when looking for customers. Despite the fact, that WalMart could be theoretically bigger, JC Penney hold an advantage in which they can ‘predict’ better numbers for
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