Mad Max Fury Road Analysis

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Mad Max: Fury Road and the novel, Girl at War by Sara Novic both contain endings where the protagonist achieves a goal. In Mad Max: Fury Road, the ending is more successful due to the successful recovery of the Citadel and the hope for a better future. 
 In Girl at War, the ending includes Ana reaching her goal of finally finding“home”where she does not have to lie about her past and can overcome her mental issues, but Ana’s goal of coming back to Croatia to find out what has happened to the people she had lost is not fulfilled. She never does find out where Marina ended up after Petar’s death. The ending was not as satisfying to the reader because the reader was left with unanswered questions. The reader desires to know if Ana will stay in…show more content…
Another death that is displayed is the death of Immortan Joe himself in which makes the viewer rejoice at a chance for a new beginning. The suspense of what the war boy’s back at the citadel will do when Mad Max is seen to be the one driving Immortan Joe’s car makes the thrill of the film last until the very end. At the end of the film, the hope for a new community full of unity and equality is created when the wives help the common people up onto the platform that takes them up to the citadel. Also, the water pipes are turned on for the people below by Furiosa giving the viewer hope that these people living in poverty will never have to beg for water again with their new leaders. Lastly, the most successful part of the ending of Mad Max: Fury Road is that Mad Max did not ride up to the top of the citadel, but remained with the common people like a true hero. 
 The endings of Mad Max: Fury Road and Girl at War both include happy endings, but I believe Mad Max: Fury Road gave the viewer more details in what the future may hold for the post-apocalyptic society. In Girl at War, the reader only gets a sense of accomplishment from Ana, but not exactly what she accomplishes or what that accomplishment contains for the future. Therefore, the ending of Mad Max: Fury Road is more
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