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Mad Max: Fury Road has been getting a lot of praises based on its gender representation throughout the film. George Miller shows women being objectified and used as objects. They have limited roles that are given to perform within the Citadel. He is showing us this in his film because it shows that these are the things society thinks women are only used for, but in all actuality women are equal to men and they save the day in the film. Miller 's film is promoting a shift in perspective and how women should be portrayed in society. Throughout the film the objectifying of women 's ' roles compared to the men are very different. We see a heroic role played by Furiosa. Throughout the film we see that she rescues women slaves, and takes them to a better place, called the “Green Land” The Green Place was a fertile area of The Wasteland it was once inhabited by the Vuvalini of Many Mothers. It was capable of…show more content…
The wives are more than just sex symbols, this movie is an accurate representation of what real women are like. It’s a movie that reminds us that women are, you know, human beings and not objects. Immortan Joe uses the wives as sex symbols, Miller represents Joe 's hyper-masculine sexism. He uses the wives purely based on beauty, and they do represent what our society expects women to be, and how beauty is portrayed. Miller shows this so we see how shallow masculine conception of beauty is. Gender representation in this film is working to promote an expanded view on gender roles, there are many stereotypes regarding gender. This film shows that women can do the same jobs as men. Furiosa is a very strong and independent character who won 't stop until she gets what she wants and what is good for the wives. To conclude George Miller challenges women 's roles in the film. Women are not objects and they shouldn’t be treated like that, they are equal to men. Although there are many stereotypes, they are not always true. Everyone should be treated equal and like

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