Furiosa Vs Imperator Fuse

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This is the most visually striking movies in the whole franchise. It is a movie that was meant to go beyond its predesesor and be able to involve the audience on a trip of a lifetime. This new Mad max is better and a re-imagination of the original product with far better effects. The former policeman Max is captured by the War Boys tribe, commanded by the Immortal Joe and assigned to be a blood donor for the Wat Boy Nux that is sick. Meanwhile Imperator Furiosa drives a tank truck to collect gasoline for Joe. However, her true intention is to flee from the tyrannic Joe with his five women selected to breed hidden in the truck to her homeland. Immortal Joe commands a party to hunt down Furiosa and Max is chained to Nux 's car. Furiosa heads the truck to a sand storm, but Nux continues to pursue her. After the storm, Max succeeds to release from the car and brings Nux chained with him. He sees Furiosa and the five wives and decides to flee to their truck; but there is a secret to operate the truck and he teams up with Furiosa, leaving Nux on the desert. When Joe 's gang arrives, they retrieve Nux and follow Furiosa. Will Max and she succeed to escape from Joe 's gang? The movie is one of the best summer movie of 2015 as a car chase movie, it does have the classical elements of this genre and more. The sequences of the chase are carefully…show more content…
The whole arch of this character as far as I can understand is to reflect how fanaticism can affect those involved in cults. Hoult, has been diversifying his roles in every movie he makes. Long gone are the days he jumped to fame from his TV persona. His participation gives the movie a balance on how the other side of the civilization is especially those that adore Joe. Other than that I really don 't understand why this character has that much participation after he gets separated from
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