Madame Aubain Character Analysis

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Félicité at first becomes enthralled by the bird because she loses her nephew,Victor. However, the parrot becomes an embodiment of an ideal romantic and agape relationship; as opposed to Félicité’s failed romantic and family relationships. She nourishes the parent like a mother would a growing child; which leads Félicité to become attached to Loulou because they had both been forsaken by people, leading her to worship Loulou. Soon we find that Félicité loses both her parents due to an accident and malady. To add on, being left an orphan, her remaining family had forsaken her.“ She had had her love-story like another. Her father, a mason, had been killed by falling off some scaffolding. Then her mother died, her sisters scattered, and a farmer took her in and employed her, while she was…show more content…
Which is another reason why Victor had taken constant voyages where the periods of time gone was six months to two years to avoid his callous parents.
Due to Félicité’s unfortunate events, she takes a parrot named Loulou, who was given to her by Madame Aubain. It was because of the parrots unruly nature that caused the beast to be relinquished to Félicité. “ But he had tiresome habits of biting his perch, tearing out feathers, sprinkling his dirt about, and spattering the water in his tub. He annoyed Mme. Aubain, and she gave him to Félicité for good” (1171). We have to keep in mind that Madame Aubain never wanted the parrot. Her Husband, implored her to accept the parrot out of respect. “ A note from the baroness informed madame Aubain that her husband had been raised to a prefecture and that they were starting that evening”( 1171). So, after seeing the corybantic ways of the parrot Madame Aubain was more than happy to bestow the parrot upon Félicité. Félicité observed that parrott had been walking awkwardly and had started to stagger, and like a concerned mother she helps her child in distress. “ Félicité was afraid that these gymnastics
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