Madame Jacques-Louis Analysis

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In this paper I will be focusing on two artworks and they are the “Madame Jacques-Louis Leblanc” and he “Young Husband: First Marketing”. I will mention brief description about both paintings. Also, I will analysis two elements and two principles of design in both paintings. Moreover, I will compare between them to see the similarities and differences between both paintings. Finally, I will give small conclusion about the whole paper.

The first artwork is Madame Jacques-Louis Leblanc. Jean Augst Dominique painted it in 1823(1). This painting looks private like for example he was drawing the love of his life. The woman in the painting sitting in a chair and look comfortable. Her eyes looking at him as he is the man of her prince charming.

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Lilly Martin Spencer painted it in 1854 (3). This painting shows two men walking in the market. In the vertical center of this oil-on-canvas composition, a man catches in his right hand a folded black umbrella, while with his other hand he grabs the far side (from him) of a wicker basket and one of the legs of a chicken carcass attempting to escape from him (3).

The painter here wants to show that even if the American man in 19th century spent nearly all his time trapping, fishing, tilling the soil, or battling in the political arena. However, women conduct the domestic activities. At some time in the future this situation will change. In the 20th or early 30th century man may do an ordinary task like for example going to the market and buy vegetables and fruits.
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