Madame Pernelle Character Analysis Essay

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In the Act 1, Scene 1, I notice that Madame Pernelle was extremely upset. Her very first lines in the play is of her yelling, “My visit here is through!” “Then stop! That’s your last step!”(1.1) Madame Pernelle states that she has a problem with how the household, belonging to her son Orgon, is ran. She is shown being extremely rude to her daughter-in-law, her grandson, the maid, and everyone else apart of the Orgon household. She feels like she knows best, of how it should be ran. Madame Pernelle’s main problem with this household is that they all believe that Tartuffe isn’t who he portrays to be. They all believe he is a hypocrite. The fact that they think and believe this really makes Madame Pernelle furious. She tells them that they’re going to hell, that they’re fools, sluts, etc. I find it funny how Madame Pernell, who supports this religious hypocrite, is being very hypocritical herself. Her name calling, anger, hatred, and the way she went about the situation didn’t reflect that of a religious person (or the ideal way that a true religious person is supposed to act). “And dances! What are those but food for slander! It’s to the worst desires these…show more content…
Paraphrasing: taking it back to the bible, Babylonia was were a whole bunch of people made their way too. During this time, everyone spoke the same language and things got done fairly fast and fast (like the giant city they were effortlessly building. God seen this and pretty much thought that they were too smart for their own good and that they may be able to accomplished way more than they were ever intended to. With that being said, God made them all speak different languages. No matter how much they tried to talk to each other, they couldn’t understand one another. Thus, people scattered all over world, and the giant wonderful city that was being built never got

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