Maddie Anderton

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Over the last few years, I have come to get to know my interviewee. She is a really good friend of mine, and her name is Maddie Anderton. I have learned a lot about her over the years and where she came from. She moved here from Alabama in 2005. I chose to interview her, because she is always talking about Alabama and how much she wishes she could go back. It is always so fun to hear her talk about it, and I wanted to hear more, so the interview was the perfect way to go. On November 27 of 2000, Maddie Anderton was born in Loveland, Colorado. She lived there for around two years before moving to Birmingham, Alabama. Most of what she remembers comes from Alabama. However, she does remember living in a small neighborhood, much like we have here, in Colorado. She said that the biggest difference between Colorado and Alabama were the mountains and snow, and the heat and Alabama. She also said that the biggest difference between Alabama…show more content…
For the Andertons, their migration was voluntary. Maddie’s family originally moved to Alabama to be closer to family. They then moved here to Cincinnati for her father’s job. These are all pull factors as well, because nothing is pushing them to leave. Throughout their journey, she did not say of anything that got in their way. There were no intervening obstacles that caused challenges, and nobody was stopping them from leaving or entering the different states. Maddie and her family had a very easy migration, and it was not difficult for them in any way or place. One big thing that I asked her was what it means to be an Ohioan to her. She told me that she always thought that being an Ohioan meant to be from here originally. Her opinion has changed over time. She did say that she considers herself an Ohioan, because she has lived here for the majority of her life. She also said that a person can be an Ohioan and still keep their culture, it is just that their new home is
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