Made In America Song Analysis

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This song is written by both Kanye West and Jay-Z, who are both African American rap artists. The purpose of Made in America is to highlight the gruelling past of African-Americans, such as the limited number of rights afforded to them as well as slavery. Moreover, the song also aims at informing the listener of the bright present and future for African Americans to look forward to. In the immediate beginning of the song, the listener notices a hook that sums up the understandings of the whole song. Kanye and Jay both make references to Martin Luther King Jr and his wife Coretta, as well as Malcolm X and his wife Betty Shabbaz, together they started the civil rights movement and ensured a prosperous lifestyle for black America as a whole. The two rappers set them as kings and queens, which highlights their rank as heroes and icons to black society. Furthermore, jay and Kanye both position themselves as inheritors of such a legacy, and also express gratitude to each for laying the foundation which ensured the rappers and black America a bright future. Moreover, the rappers express their thanks to Jesus, for making a success of their lives given their past as they state “sweet Jesus, we made it in America”, one must further realize, that this song is a means of explaining to the audience, their love for America, and the urge to “make it in America”. Jay begins the second verse with an overarching theme that runs throughout the entire song, “I pledge allegiance to my
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