Madea Goes To Jail Analysis

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Take Control Madea Goes to Jail starts off in a high speed car chase on the freeway involving Madea, a mischievous woman who gets sentenced to court. She is let go and given mandatory anger management classes by the judge after a failure to mirandize her when being arrested. Meanwhile, Josh Hardaway a district attorney gets a case involving an old friend who is currently a prostitute and has to give it to his fiancée. When he tries to catch up to Candace, Linda (his fiancée) gets jealous and doesn’t want her around. Unable to take counseling the right way, Madea gets into trouble again after dropping a lady’s car by using a fork lift. She doesn’t escape jail sentence this time. Linda being worried about josh’s relationship with Candace…show more content…
A lawyer named Chuck discovers what Linda is doing but he can't say anything since Linda knows he cheated on the bar exam to get his license. When Candace arrived at the jail, tough inmates tried to mess with her but Madea stopped the harassment by the inmate and later influenced other inmates in jail to take responsibility for their lives by attending bible study. On the wedding day, Linda’s secret of falsifying evidence gets exposed and the wedding gets cancelled. Madea and Candace cases were overturned, they were set free. (All readers) Feminist Criticism examines the patterns of thought, behavior, and relationships between gender values, enfranchisement, and power in relations between and within the sexes.(Literary theories ppt) Madea goes to jail highlights the relationships between genders in a matriarchal society that develop influential effects. In Madea Goes to Jail, Tyler Perry, conveys the power of women in their
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