Madeeha Khan Case Study

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Madeeha Khan is the Vice president/CAO of the Student Association, in which she is a leader to all her surrounding and was elected allow with the president by all the students at the university. Madeeha khan has the responsibility of a $2.67 million corporation, five full time staff, 30 student employees and hires interns, all of this while being a full time student as a computer science major. In fact, she oversees all three-hundred student organizations and provided them with the guidance that they need. Ms. Khan said that the biggest challenge she faced in overseeing this organization was balancing the demands on her time. She had to juggle being a full time student with other part time jobs, while also acting as the CAO of this organization. She said that initially it was a big struggle to try to get everything done, and she prioritized SA over other commitments because her lack of work would affect her entire team and also the student body. But in doing, her personal and academic life suffered. In the end, she learned to manage her time better and to delegate tasks on her team as needed so that she is able to do her job successfully. Another struggle that she faced was acting as a supervisor to her peers, and in some cases, staff that was much older than her. She overcame it by making sure to always ask for their opinions and take their experience into consideration when making decisions. Throughout the rest of the interview, Ms. Khan, show commitment and passion in her voice about the…show more content…
What are your strength and weakness as a leader of this organization? Why? Response: Strength- providing a vision. It’s very important to have a clearly defined goal to achieve success and I’ve done a good job at providing my team with a goal to work towards. Weakness- providing too much flexibility. I try to work with everyone’s workload and other commitments, but sometimes to an extent where they don’t even meet the deadline. I need to work on enforcing

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