Madeleine Parent: A Social Activist

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Grace Hartman was a Canadian female social activist and politician who resided in Sudbury Ontario. In 1966 she was elected the first female mayor. Named one of the 25 top leading women in 1975, Hartman held positions at the Royal Ontario Museum, and Ontario Municipal Association. As an avid Canadian union activist, her win in the election made her the first female in North America to lead a major union.

Additionally, Madeleine Parent was a prominent and successful Canadian labour activist. She was the founder of the Canadian Federation of Unions and a life long social activist. A leader to all Parents reputation precedes her, as she paved the way for so many working class citizens to retain improved work environments.

Mother Jones was a fearless Irish American activist, who aided with the coordination in strikes and cofounded the industrial workers of the world; a labour union combining general and industrial unionism. She was ruthless and her reputation and actions made her feared by many.
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She made it clear she would not back down, encouraging the strike to last as long as possible and making society aware that the young women were being robbed of their
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