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Was the Black Turtleneck Chanel? Many are familiar of the classic comparison of apples to oranges, but not with the idea of apples to couture. Mademoiselle Coco Chanel represented a chic and elegant style that incorporates ease and comfort. She did not bother with the outlandish ways the women of her time went through, with corsets, big skirts, and towering hats. Steve Jobs represented similar ideas. He worked hard to create user friendly technology that the average Joe could access. At his time, computers were for the elite rich who had enough time on their hands to use the slow operating machines. Today, computers are right in the people’s hands with only a scan of a fingerprint to access a world of knowledge. Coco Chanel and Steve Jobs…show more content…
Chanel was never interested in the overdone style of the early twentieth century. She instead wore cut down versions of her boyfriend’s clothes. Simple and trimmed, Chanel had no time to fuss with the status quo. She bronzed her skin, cut her hair, dressed like a man, and dared to ride horseback like a man would, rejecting the socially proper way of side saddle. She did not stop in the creation of her debut fragrance “Chanel No°5”. Not surprisingly, the scent was not comparable to other perfumes at the time. Most others centered on one specific type of flower such as, violet or peony. Chanel’s perfume had a world of scents that included sandalwood, jasmine, and orange blossom. The design of the bottle itself could not be confined to society’s grip as it shed the unnecessary decorations and presented itself as a clear, glass bottle. Steve Jobs’ climb to success was less than conventional. Jobs dropped out of college shortly after starting it, only returning to drop in on random classes that he found interesting. These classes included a calligraphy course, which may have influenced the unique fonts for Apple. While Jobs was there, he would wander around the campus without shoes. Jobs also became a vegetarian in his early life. This is not particularly abnormal, but his diets were a more extreme than most. He ate nothing but apples for a whole week, for
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