Mademoiselle Miss Letters Analysis

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In Mademoiselle miss’s letter, she repeatedly describes the environment conditions as ‘impressive.’ For example, she states that “Every one feels the impressiveness of a military funeral, but it is tenfold more impressive if you take part in it”. In other words, the environment was full of tension and shock. Also, she uses words such as mossy, old and rusty crepe, which are descriptive to the reader visualizing the atmosphere and the activities near the trenches.

In source B, the propaganda is aimed towards recruiting women to munition factories. In the poster, the woman appears to be powerful rather than the usual appearance of women, which is typically depicted as vulnerable and peaceful. In addition, behind the women is a soldier in the battle, which signifies the value of
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Prior to analyzing the document, it is important to note that she was working as a nurse near the trenches in a hospital. Furthermore, the purpose of this specific letter is talking about the trenches, patients and the living conditions. In regard to the living conditions, Madamesoille miss writes in detail of the activities that occur. Hence, her descriptions help us understand her situation in depth. However, in the letter, it does not identify who she’s talking to, but it can be guessed that it must’ve been a relative. Mainly because many of the letters sent from people during the war were usually sent to relatives. Next, in terms of content, the people involved were the soldiers that she treated, she stated the many diseases they encountered. Moreover, Madamesoille miss is in France because nurses were needed on the site of the war. Also, looking at this document now, it’s a significant representation of the role of women on the site of the war. It shows some of the duties that the women had to fulfill and problems they faced. Such as the pressure of getting the soldiers treated. Furthermore,
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