Horatio's Deception In Hamlet

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The tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare gives a look into madness and deception. Describing Hamlet as insane, depressed, and unbalanced to the discerning eye. He shows his irrational behaviour and apparent madness as he is either going mad with revenge for the death of his father, or that he is only playing his part. Determining whether his actions are reasonable or unreasonable in his act. In the beginning Hamlet starts out as mellow, sad and depressed, this is all due to his father’s death. Hamlet’s father dies and not even two months his mother marries the now king, King Claudius. Since this is happening he starts to see his mother as someone who didn’t love her husband. It drives him crazy to know that someone who…show more content…
Only confiding in his trusted friend he tries to help him. Horatio being the only person Hamlet trust shows he actually is misjudged by his actions. Even after he dies he tells Horatio not to die with him even though he wants to just so he can tell his legacy. Also as Horatio is watching Hamlet talk to a skull as if this person was still alive he never questions him. Horatio’s character proves that Hamlet is only acting part of his insanity out to fool other, but it also shows that he actually is depressed by everyone betraying him and losing his trust and after losing everyone he ever actually truly loved. Hamlet's behavior can be judged as reasonable considering the tremendous amount of pain and hurt that he has been through. Having to pretend he doesn't know the worst possible thing, watching his mother die because her husband poisoned a cup that Hamlet was supposed to drink. Hamlet's behavior can only be described as reasonable because seeing his father as a ghost and finding out Ophelia has committed suicide becomes of him has a big effect on his depression and insanity. Only claiming he is insane, yet he has his

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