Madness And Revenge In Hamlet Analysis

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Two central ideas of the play are madness and revenge because they are seen multiple times throughout the play. They interact and build on each other. Hamlet is mad because ophelia has passed away , Hamlet wants to fight laertes and Hamlet wants revenge on Claudius . Madness and revenge interacts and build on each other when hamlet wants revenge on Claudius for killing king hamlet. The text states “the ghost commands hamlet to avenge his death let not the royal bed of denmark act 1 scene 5 line 83. The quote means that the ghost which is king hamlet who wants hamlet to get revenge on his death because claudius poured poison in his ear and killed him. The evidence connects to the claim because now that hamlet is faced with to get revenge he begins to think about rather he really should kill claudius. Madness and revenge interacts and build up on each other when hamlet fight with laertes the text says “Laertes scores a hit against Hamlet, drawing blood. Scuffling, they manage to exchange swords, and Hamlet wounds Laertes with Laertes’ own blade” act 5 scene 2. In this evidence it show how laertes takes his anger out on hamlet and how they try and solve their problems…show more content…
At the same moment, Laertes becomes infuriated with the priest, who says that to give Ophelia a proper Christian burial would profane the dead. This evidence is saying that ok hamlet finds out that she has died and he is filled with anger and depression and he want to say like this spell or some type of scripture to say over ophelia because laertes was saying something different. This connects back to my claim because it shows how hamlet is being faced with like this feeling because he feels that he killed her because he didn 't love her and also, that 's how the fight happened between him a
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