Madness In Medea By Euripide

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Intro: “It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane” (PHILIP K. DICK, Valis). In present day America laws have been placed that prevent people who are “insane” to be guilty of the crimes they commit. In short, insanity is the state of being seriously mentally ill relating to madness. This is presented in the book Medea written by Euripides through her point of view. In Medea, a surge of insanity purges her after she is betrayed by her husband Jason causing many cruel and harsh actions to follow from her. The ending result a murder scene. Is she really at blame for her actions and should she be punished? Believing that she is truly insane this would entail that she is completely innocent and therefore not to be punished. Thesis: Medea’s insanity which led her to killing her children suggests she let her emotions take control of her proving she is not at fault for her actions. Topic Sentence: To begin, Medea’s lets her emotions overcome her when Jason leaves her to marry Glauce the daughter of King Creon. Context #1 (1-2): Jason has just abandoned Medea and his two children for Glauce in attempt to greater his wealth and status. Medea questions herself if she was a good wife to him that he would leave her for a princess: Quote #1 (Varies): “What shall I do? If only I were dead!.. Do I not suffer? Am I not wronged?/ Should I not weep?/ Children, your mother is hated, and you are cursed:/ Death Take you, with your father, and perish his whole house!
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