Madness: The Pros And Cons Of March Madness

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From Division I to the pros, there are many great sporting events, but overall one reigns supreme. This is the men's NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) college basketball tournament, which includes a 68 team, single elimination, bracket style battle for the title of National Champion. During this tournament, or so called "March Madness," teams play games throughout the month of March with a "survive and advance strategy." This madness forces teams to leave it all on the line, as they fight for survival one game at to be crowned national champion. "March Madness" is the most exciting, frequent, and interactive sporting event, which makes it the best event in sports.
When one ponders on some of the best games in history they think
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This gives the tournament an interactive edge on every other sporting event. The bracket challenge allows a person, who could care less about basketball, a chance to get involved and gives them a reason to stay up to date. The challenge plays with you emotions, because you will be perfect the first round and still be in the running for the million and as happy as can be, and then in a couple days everything goes wrong, as half the teams are defeated, and all the planning hoping and contemplating come to an abrupt end that make you want to scream at the top of your lungs, as you realize your bracket was busted. Whether it’s your office or family pool where the winner get a hundred dollars, or the national one for one million. “March Madness” allows people to get involved in several ways, and gives everyone a reason to cheer, scream, enjoy, and hate the…show more content…
Every event is great, but consistently “March Madness” contains emotional testing factors, that somehow someway find a satisfying end. When you see a college student hit a three point buzzer beater that he will never forget, as they upset a team filled with professional talent, or as you realize you have to pay twenty dollars to your smack talking brother who just won the bracket challenge. “March Madness” delivers a burst of emotion that is hard explain and is replicated by no other. And at the end of the day either if your team just one or lost on a last second shot to a some tech school in Wyoming that half the country didn’t know existed, or if you just one the office pool and are $50 richer or have a busted bracket that currently has the same meaning to you as a used tissue, the tournament finds peace and a happy ending that has you asking and begging for
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