Madonna Of The Meadow Analysis

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Madonna of the Meadow painted in between 1505-1506 is one of many of the Madonna and Child that Raphael Sanzio had painted. It is also one of many surviving painting of the Madonna and Child. This painting is displayed in the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna. In this painting Mary has a landscape behind her that was suggested by Leonardo De Vinci. The young child between her legs holding her right hand is Christ. The child that Christ is looking at is John the Baptist who is offering Christ a wooden cross. “This image of ambivalence on Christ’s part is echoed by Mary herself, who embraces him while gazing on John. She, in turn, is excluded from the gaze of the children, whose own relationship to the cross alludes to Christ’s future” (Adams, 2001). The study of Raphael’s painting of the Madonna of the Meadow shows how Raphael came up with his painting. If the painting and sketch are compared, it shows…show more content…
Small Cowper Madonna was actually painted for someone for a wedding gift. In this painting Madonna is wearing a red dress. Her skin is very fair and her hair is blonde. Madonna sits on a wooden bench with a dark blue drapery across her lap with her right hand that lies delicately on the drapery. Although translucent, there is a ribbon that goes across her the top of her dress and behind her head. If looked at closely, there is a very faint gold halo that surrounds her head. In her left hand, she holds baby Christ. With his left arm he embraces in front Mary’s neck and the right arm is behind her neck on her back. Behind Madonna and Christ there are two figures that are walking towards a pond in the background. There is a large structure also in the background that could resemble a Catholic church. Its dome and other structural elements common of Catholic architecture add to the already omnipresent atmosphere of religious divinity and

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