Madonna Del Magnificat Analysis

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Madonna del Magnificat was created by Botticelli in the early 1480s. It is said to be one of the most famous paintings of the Madonna during his time because of the five contemporary replicas which were created. The painting was covered with gold paint and if you see it in person the figures appear to be life size. The virgin which is slightly almost at the center of the painting is crowned by two angels and is depicted as the queen of heaven. Two wingless angels are crowning her. The crown she is wearing is made of cold and consist of stars. One of the mother of god 's name in hymns is " Stella mattutina ( morning star)" ( cite) which could be the reason why there are an array of stars onto the crown she is wearing. If you look out between Mary and the angels on the left you can see the broad landscape which is laid out to show "atmospheric perspective"( cite). There are 3 angels which moved more closely to the virgin and child. The angel in the front is kneeling and holding a book open with ink well. The virgin is about to dip the quill and write the last remaining words of the Magnificat. She begins at the beginning of page with the initial " M". The background…show more content…
This is said to be Leonardo Da Vinci’s first major work because it is the first large painting, painted by Leonardo 's hands. The story of this painting is that Mary is being visited by archangel Gabriel, in order to explain to her that she was " destined to be the mother of the son of god"( cite) . Gabriel is kneeling at the garden of Mary. There is a distance between both of them and she ironically receives the news while sitting at a reading desk. " The angel holds a lily in his left hand, a symbol of Mary 's purity, his right hand is raised in greeting. A youthful Mary is presented in a three-quarter view, she appears to be shrinking away from the angel, her body towards the viewer" ( italian

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